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Peregrine Clothing 18.12.2023

Our Design Process: Q&A With Tom

We have held a Q&A session with managing director and head of design, Tom Glover about his design process. It is often a stage that the consumer doesn’t see but it is another step that makes Peregrine more traceable. Where do you get inspiration from? I get a lot of...

Peregrine Clothing 06.12.2023

Why Buy British?

Britain is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of innovative fashion design but try to find clothing that has also been manufactured in Britain and you have a much trickier task on your hands! Around 90% of clothing that we buy in Britain is outsourced when...

Peregrine Clothing 23.10.2023

Regenerative Wool Collection

Our British wool is now made with wool sourced from UK regenerative farms. 2022 marked the start of the journey with 20% of our British Wool collection coming from a transitional regenerative farm, located near Rye in East Sussex. In 2023 we have increased this and will do so for the next five years, until we can say 100% of our British Wool comes from transitional regenerative farms. Being a made in England brand we wanted to start this journey by sourcing our regenerative wool from our own back garden to help mitigate carbon emissions and support local farmers.

Peregrine Clothing 08.09.2023

AW23: The Inspiration Behind the Collection.

Having made and finished its garments in the UK for over 225 years, the influences of the British countryside and homegrown fibres are intrinsically interwoven through Peregrine’s DNA. While its factory is located in Manchester, the British heritage brand looks to its adopted home city of Bristol for AW23

Peregrine Clothing 04.06.2023

Explore Seasonless Style

Seasonless style is more than just a look for us here at Peregrine. Seasonless style is about much more. We work hard to be as transparent as possible in our sustainable practices here at Peregrine. To name a few we; manufacture in the UK, support local British farmers, our jumpers...

Peregrine Clothing 23.04.2023

How To Wash Your Wool Jumper

Not all woollen garments need to be regularly washed as they are antibacterial and anti-odour but we have put together a step-by-step guide as to how to safely wash our jumpers. Step One Make sure to choose a wool safe wash. We sell Shear Delight which is contains lanolin and...

Peregrine Clothing 22.04.2022

Earth Day 2022- Peregrine: Traceable and Transparent

Earth Day: 22.04.22 Earth Day raises awareness about the health of our planet. It is a day to discuss, question and march for this amazing place that we get to call home. Starting in 1970 Earth Day has worked to ‘diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement’. Here at Peregrine,...

Peregrine Clothing 27.08.2021

Exclusive Sneak Peek - AW21 Collection

Exclusive content incoming! We are so happy to have you here as part of the Peregrine Clothing community and to be able to give you this sneak peek of our up-and-coming Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. Get ready for all new designs, styles, and colours as well as your all-time favorites. For...

Peregrine Clothing 20.08.2021

Peregrine X Bergdorf Goodman

We are incredibly excited to announce that Peregrine Clothing has partnered up with Bergdorf Goodman to create a range of exciting British Wool Knitwear. Sold exclusively by Bergdorf Goodman themselves. With a history as rich as our own we are thrilled to be working with such an established and popular...

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