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How To Wash Your Wool Jumper

23.04.2023 2 min read

Not all woollen garments need to be regularly washed as they are antibacterial and anti-odour but we have put together a step-by-step guide as to how to safely wash our jumpers.

Step One

Make sure to choose a wool safe wash. We sell Shear Delight which is contains lanolin and Jersey milk to make sure your wool garments are wonderfully soft.

Step Two

Turn your jumper inside out and fill up your sink with cold water.

Step Three

Lather up the Shear Delight Wool Wash bar in the water until you are happy with the amount. The water should be slightly opaque.

Step Four

Submerge your jumper in the water and squeeze it gently so that the jumper is fully soaked.

Step Five

Leave your jumper submerged in the water and soak for 20 mins.

Step Six

Drain the dirty water away and refill the sink with clean cold water and rinse the jumper.

Step Seven

Drain the water away and gently squeeze the excess water out. DO NOT ring you jumper as it can misshape the jumper.

Step Eight

Place your jumper on a flat surface and gently reshape. Leave your jumper until it is fully dry.

Shear delight is available to purchase in our store.

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