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The British Weather: Frustrating Or Fascinating?

28.05.2023 2 min read

Here at Peregrine we are celebrating the unpredictable British weather and have decided that layering up is the answer this May! Our new long-sleeved section to our Spring/Summer Collection contains the perfect partners for those fresh sunny walks, chilly evening BBQs, or that dash to the car in the pouring rain.

Does anyone else find the unpredictability of the British seasons exciting? Yes, there may be a few soggy picnics, risky seaside walks, or some very dry lawns but isn’t that the fun? We love to hate it. Could this be the reason why the British are so famously fascinated with the weather?

Britain is located between the Atlantic Ocean and a large landmass (Europe), which means a lot goes on Meteorologically here. Above Britain is where five main air masses meet, An air mass is a large body of air that has similar temperature and moisture properties throughout. In the UK they are either polar or tropical, depending on where the air mass originated. The five masses are called The Arctic Maritime, The Polar Maritime, The Polar Continental, The Tropical Maritime, and the Tropical Continental, each one comes with different properties of weather.

When these masses meet they create a weather front, whichever front is strongest dictates the weather. Worse weather usually means a bigger difference in the weather fronts meet. It is also worth noting the Jet Stream, is a high-altitude ribbon of fast-moving air that is associated with weather systems in the UK. The position of the jet stream can make a huge difference to the type of weather we experience.

As interesting as the science is, here at Peregrine we feel there is nothing quite like throwing on a jumper and rain mac and taking a stroll in the fresh air, whether it is glorious sunshine or torrential rain, it is simply wonderful to be outside.

A lightweight but warm layer is perfect for all kinds of weather, you can throw it on as the sun sets on your picnic or wear it under your favourite waterproof on your early morning walk. Our Breton and Classic Sweatshirts are made from luxury materials, are lightweight and warm. What more could you ask for? Oh…maybe for it to stop raining?

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