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04.06.2023 2 min read

Seasonless style is more than just a look for us here at Peregrine. Seasonless style is about much more. We work hard to be as transparent as possible in our sustainable practices here at Peregrine. To name a few we; manufacture in the UK, support local British farmers, our jumpers are 100% wool so biodegrade, recycle materials, and are in the process of becoming carbon neutral. This month we want to talk about a more subtle sustainable practice. That is this idea of ‘Seasonless Style’.

In this consumerist world, we live in it is very easy to get wrapped up in the ‘more more more’ culture. Especially when it comes to fashion. In total, up to 85% of textiles go into landfills each year. That’s enough to fill the Sydney harbor annually. Trends are exciting and do a lot of good for people’s confidence but it is now time that we start to look outward at the bigger picture. Trends feed fast fashion and the notion that a garment is only relevant for a short period of time. This concept is extremely damaging for the planet and with large companies pushing more and more collections, some doing up to 22 new collections a year, we fear that this problem is only going to increase.

Here at Peregrine, we are trying to nurture the idea of Seasonless Style. We are proud of our core range of quality, environmentally conscious products that we plan to maintain in the future. With our British-made seasonless garments such as our Ford Crew, we want to encourage consumers to buy quality products that will look as good now as they will in 10 years’ time. It’s time to move the focus to quality, well-made, long-lasting garments and find joy in ourselves and the world around us rather than what everyone else is wearing.

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