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Earth Day 2022- Peregrine: Traceable and Transparent

22.04.2022 3 min read

Earth Day: 22.04.22

Earth Day raises awareness about the health of our planet. It is a day to discuss, question and march for this amazing place that we get to call home. Starting in 1970 Earth Day has worked to ‘diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement’.

Here at Peregrine, we are passionate about forging a way for a bright and green future. In light of Earth Day, we wanted to be fully transparent and share our practices and how we work and are working, to be as sustainable as possible. Of course, Peregrine understands that it is not perfect, but we are always developing new projects and ideas and hope one day we can be! Peregrine is proud to be able to talk about areas that have been developed so far, we hope that the fashion industry may learn from our findings and we can all work together for the better of our home planet- before it is too late.

Made in England

We are one of the few brands left that manufacture 100% of our products in the UK. This means that not only do our products travel less but also that we get to support local communities and provide more British jobs.

We work with Natural Fibres: No Plastics = Biodegradable

Our wool and cotton are natural and pure. We do not mix our materials with any plastics such as Acrylic or elastic meaning that they will not exist for thousands of years like mixed material jumpers will.

Our Cotton

We use the highest quality organic cotton possible. Nilo Organic Cotton supports the Cotton For Life Initiative, the extra-long staple cotton (Giza 87 and Giza 45) are cultivated following organic guidelines, ennobled and dyed using GOT certified substances and in line with the Greenpeace, DETOX restricted substance list.

British Wool

We are so proud of our British Wool jumpers. Not only does British Wool make incredible, hardy, high-quality garments but the wool is a natural by-product of sheep raised here in the UK. We can trace our British wool back to the very farm it came from. In fact, our factory in Manchester is only 60 miles down the road.

Quality and Buying to Last

Here at Peregrine, we want to inspire you to buy to last. There are a few points to consider in this discussion; quality, style and price. Firstly being founded in 1796 we have over 200 years of experience and have complete control over our manufacturing process. This means that our quality has been tested and perfected and our products stand the test of time. We design in house and work to create simple, timeless pieces. From our lasting wool jumpers to our classic waxed jackets we aim for our products to never go out of style. Lastly, we aim to keep our clothing “affordable” for the luxury sustainable fabrics, UK manufacturing, fair wages and high quality that Peregrine stands by, we do not make anything cheap or disposable and never will.

For the Future…

We know we are not perfect and are working on projects such as; regenerative wool, recycling our offcuts into insulation for affordable homes and looking after and cultivating UK peat bogs to offset our carbon footprint, all to try and have as little effect on the environment as possible while still supplying you with high-quality responsible clothing. Thank you for reading and joining us on this journey.

How To Wash Your Wool Jumper

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