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Introducing the Zero Waste Collection

21.04.2020 1 min read

After much anticipation, we are excited to introduce our Zero Waste collection. This season we’ve created a collection of men’s t-shirts and polos that are made with zero waste materials.

As a knitwear brand we wanted to stick to what we do best, knitwear, so we decided to combine our summer classic t-shirts with knitwear. Our design inspirations come from all-time classics that will never go out of style. From Breton stripes to a classic polo shirt we’ve got you covered.

At a time when more people are becoming more conscious about sustainability and knowing where their clothes are made, we believe it is important to carefully monitor the waste in clothing. This is why we have developed this capsule range of super soft organic cotton garments. The Zero Waste range is made on 18 gauge machines, from NILO organic cotton. The cotton we use is BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) regulated Egyptian cotton, which is simply the best. The cotton has some amazing properties:

  • Sustainable
  • Fully traceable
  • Zero pilling
  • Ultrasoft
  • Organic BCI cotton
  • Compact stable fibres


This range mirrors Peregrine’s values as a company. We believe clothes should have a minimal impact on the environment. In a world where fast fashion is an ever-growing industry, we have decided to take it back to quality over quantity. As with everything we make, this collection is 100% made in England.

We have four different styles in our Zero Waste collection: The Knitted Polo, Emery Polo, Knitted Tee, Breton Tee, so there is a style for everyone.

7 Stockists From Around The World: Strasbourg, France

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