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7 Stockists From Around The World: Strasbourg, France

27.04.2020 2 min read

In this series of posts, join us as we venture around the world getting to know some of our stockists and the exciting cities they’re situated. For our first stop, we journey to Strasbourg in the North Eastern region of France to visit our friends at Goodvibes: a contemporary store for Mens and Ladieswear.

Tell us a bit about the city you live in

“Strasbourg is a beautiful city and capital of the Alsace region. The city centre, surrounded by the river ‘Ill’, is great for history with buildings such as the Cathedral of Strasbourg. There is always a little wind that runs around the cathedral which, legend says, is the devil trying to enter! Alsace is historically known for local food so Strasbourg is a very nice place to discover French gastronomy with top restaurants and bars serving high quality dishes. All of this can be enjoyed by bicycle as the city centre is closed to cars making the area a 2 wheel paradise! All your shopping can be done by bike as you cruise along the cycling paths. You might even decide to cycle over to Germany which can be done within a 30 minute ride! Of course, there are lots more things to do and see so if you want to come over, pop by our store or send us an email and we will give you all the tips you need to have a great time!”

Tell us about your store and its ethos

“Goodvibes opened in 1993. Since then we have been providing fashion that is original, ethical and at a fair price. When customers visit our store for the first time, their first thought is that the store is very “original” and “different”. Customers are so used to seeing the same brands on the high street so when you push through our door you will see brands that you might not know! We prefer selling products that are fair and high quality instead of brands that are greater known around the world.
We have some great small French labels, an Italian men’s trouser manufacturer , Russian jackets and, of course, Peregrine Clothing!”

Why do you stock Peregrine?

“We choose to sell Peregrine Clothing because they correspond exactly with our philosophy. Peregrine is a fair business who sell authentic garments at a fair price! They use exceptionally good quality British wool for their jumpers along with modern English style. They also have an impressive long line of heritage as clothing manufacturers”

Goodvibes, 57 + 66 Grand Rue, 67000, Strasbourg, France

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