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7 Stockists From Around The World: Manchester, Uk

02.05.2020 3 min read

In this series of posts, join us as we venture around the world getting to know some of our stockists and the exciting cities they’re situated. We continue our journey a little closer to home in the Northern English city of Manchester to visit our friends Mr Hulme and Mr Lanigan of Lanigan & Hulme: a premium menswear store that showcases some of the best brands that Great Britain has to offer. Enjoy a heartwarming, first class retail experience where you can relax, have a drink and know you’re in the safe hands of Neil and Phil who have a combination of over 40 years experience in retail. Lanigan & Hulme is a true gem and a must visit for the bustling Manchester shopping experience!

Tell us a bit about the city you live in

“Our Store is in the amazing city that is Manchester: THE city of Music and Football. If you do visit, you have to go to John Rylands Library; if you love Harry Potter you will love this iconic Manchester building. Our Manchester store is within the Royal Exchange Arcade, part of the Royal Exchange, which has a great history itself and houses the famous award winning Royal Exchange Theatre. A short walk away you reach the Northern Quarter district, home to some of the best, eccentric bars and top restaurants Manchester has to offer. We also have the world’s biggest football museum: the National Football Museum which is definitely worth a visit!”

Tell us about your store and its ethos

“Our aim is to introduce and re-introduce the best in premium Menswear brands to Manchester city centre, catering for those who are sartorially minded with a love of the finest in quality materials and manufacturing.

Britain has created some of the world’s greatest and most well-known brands in the world and Lanigan & Hulme display a fantastic array of them, which is one thing that we look to with supreme pride! Innovation is undoubtedly one of the best qualities that Britain possesses and, equally, heritage and tradition are at the core of what these brands always manage to work with and showcase, season upon season.

We have created a one stop shop space, which is just as social as it is functional for purchasing your favourite clothing, footwear and accessories. You are able to visit, have a drink, relax and spend time making those all important decisions, hopefully learning about new and future favourite brands at the same time. You can also be forever safe in the knowledge that you are being guided and advised by an experienced peer who is just as passionate about style and quality as you are.

Manchester was “Cottonopolis”: the place for textiles. Over time we plan to have our own L&H label made here in Manchester!”

Why do you stock Peregrine?

“We stock Peregrine as it’s British made, timeless classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Also, some of the collections are made here in Manchester. The Hudson Aran Jumpers are a firm favourite with our customers.”

What measures have you taken to help customers shop with you during the current climate?

“With the current crisis, we have added Gift Vouchers on our website so customers can support us and use them when we finally open again, also we have added 10% off all orders and Free Delivery to UK orders on our website during the period of time that we are closed. Also, we are hand delivering Manchester orders (safely of course).”

Lanigan & Hulme, 9 Royal Exchange, Manchester, UK, M2 7EA

7 Stockists From Around The World: Seoul, South Korea

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