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7 Stockists From Around The World: Seoul, South Korea

15.05.2020 3 min read

In this series of posts, join us as we venture around the world getting to know some of our stockists and the exciting cities they’re situated. For our next stop, we travel to Seoul: the vibrant capital of South Korea and one of the leading cities for fashion and technology. Here we visit our new friends at Barbershop: a lifestyle store offering a wide scope of brands from all around the world. These guys seriously know their brands and you’ll be sure to discover something new aswell as meeting some familiar, historical favourites!

Tell us a bit about the city you live in

“Seoul is a very fast pace and modern city with many people! Communication between one another and public transportation makes the city a convenient place to discover many interesting places all over the city. I would recommend the Korean Gyeongbokgung palace in Gangbuk instead of the more modern region of Gangnam: where the immensely popular song “Gangnam Style” was set! If you’re looking for a more traditional side of Seoul then visit the old town that surrounds this beautiful palace. This area also includes the Bukchon Hanok village where you can roam the streets and see traditional Korean homes. Of course, our store is also located in the old town right next to the palace!”

Seoul also has an amazing street food scene. You must visit the Gwangjang market: one of the oldest markets in South Korea. Here you can try snack foods at amazing prices such as savoury pancakes, rice cakes, seaweed rolls and a range of fresh meats and fish.

Tell us a bit about your store and its ethos

“We are a store in Seoul that started 10 years ago in 2010. We are an independent that discovers and introduces good brands and companies with a rich history of over 100 to 250 years and also brands that have history with our customers! The village in which our store is located is the only area in which the roads have not changed for 500 years. That’s why, in this historic village, a history of quality products is key for us”

Why do you stock Peregrine?

“Peregrine is a traditional knitwear company with a rich history going back to 1796. Of course, the quality is also excellent. I like Peregrine’s knitwear as it’s very signature look to their brand. I bought knitwear from them so that the store has a greater variety. They also have a great range of British wax jackets which we will introduce for the AW season”

As the SS20 season is your first season with us, what’s your thought on the collection?

“As the season is heading from spring to summer, I recommend Peregrine’s Zero Waste knitwear. The Zero Waste polo shirts and tees are knitted in 18 gauge using organic cotton: a seamless garment with excellent fit, no pilling. They are cool, environmentally friendly knits. High quality, elegant yet functional”

Barbershop, 17 Jahamun-ro 12-gil, Changseong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 03043

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