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7 Stockists From Around The World: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

22.05.2020 5 min read

In this series of posts, join us as we venture around the world getting to know some of our stockists and the exciting cities they’re situated. Our journey continues across the pond to Indianapolis: the state capital of Indiana. Here we visit our friend Tommy at James Dant: Purveyor’s of Men’s Goods. What’s great about Tommy, and how we’ve built a great relationship over the last few seasons working together, is not only his passion to sell brands that offer great quality products, but his drive to actually represent the brand. That’s why, with our proud heritage story and his attentiveness to the “whole picture”, Tommy is an excellent ambassador to Peregrine. This is a must visit for a first-class retail experience.

Tell us a bit about yourself and the city you live in

“James Dant is not only the name of the shop, but also my namesake. I was named after my dad, Thomas James Dant. The shop is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Some call the midwest the heart of the country, and I think I would have to agree. We’re kind people. Everyone is friendly, yet with a chip on their shoulders. I think that’s why I opened the shop. There’s always been something to prove in Indiana. Something to be done that’s never been done here. The city has grown immensely in the last 7 years. We’ve had our cultural awakening and a bit of a renaissance if you will. One of the best things to do in Indy is walking the Canal on a spring day or visiting one of our many parks just on the outskirts of the city. If you’re looking for a world-class experience, you must visit the Indy 500 for the Month of May. Whether it’s down in the pits with drivers or up in the stands watching the race, there are hundreds of ways to experience the biggest race in the world!”

Tell us about your store and its ethos

“Our brand was founded on an ethos of buying better and therefore buying less, although that’s not always the case. It’s hard not falling in love with these brands which ultimately leads to heavy levels of support and repeat business. We want to work with brands who think about their impact. That should be from all angles. Most major brands choose one facet, like sales, to be their main driving factor. We don’t let sales guide our ultimate goal of building a better planet for everyone. We think people should be paid a living wage. We think brands should work really hard to limit their single-use plastic waste. We believe the better, longer-lasting clothing you buy, the less you’ll contribute to the waste our industry as a whole and fast fashion creates. Opening in Indiana, we felt we could be a leader in this market – a guide for other businesses it’s possible to accomplish that mission in a state whose politics don’t always coincide with the idea of a healthier planet. I think people everywhere can get behind that concept.”

Why do you stock Peregrine?

“When Peregrine reached out, it was perfect timing. We had been playing in this grey area between heritage and contemporary, and we felt Peregrine’s story landed smack dab in the middle. The allure of an English brand, still made in England was something that gripped our customers instantly. The waxed jackets and Harris tweeds were right up our alley. When we heard the story of a factory that had been in operation in England for over 200 years, we couldn’t pass on that. And to work with another brand that builds garments to last – pieces that get better with age – we knew Peregrine had to land on our shelves. Our favorite piece in the line every year is the Bexley Jacket. The black variation that now seems to be a staple in the lineup will always have our hearts; but, don’t overlook the mustard.”

What measures have you taken to help customers shop with you during the current climate?

“In the beginning days of closing our doors, this was not easy. The transition from a specialty clothing store dealing with one-on-one customer interactions with a heavy focus on customer service, to an online version of that was hard. We had to find a way to transfer that experience. Our initial reaction was to just tell the story. We started filming from facing videos with our phones to tell people how we were doing. That turned into telling people more detailed stories about the product we carried. That snowballed into thanking individual customers via Instagram for their orders. And here we are, a full month into this global pandemic, and we’re surviving. It’s a beautiful thing to be involved in. We’re watching people vote with their dollars – some who may be just as insecure about all of this as we are. For that, we are immensely grateful and will continue to find ways to work with brands who give back and do their part to see us through this ordeal.”

James Dant, 5624 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219, USA

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