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Factory Photo-Diary

05.07.2017 3 min read

It is of highest importance to us that you have the ability to see how a Peregrine jumper or jacket is designed and made. We visit the factory once a week, often to make adjustments to new samples or to collect a batch of finished products and just check in with the team.

British manufacturing is often glamorised and portrayed to still be exactly as it was in the golden age or hay-days of the British textile industry. Alot of things have changed since then for worse and for better. We now have updated and more efficient machinery so that we can always ensure the highest level of quality as well as technical advancements that mean we can produce even more exciting and contemporary knit patterns.

Although a factory is generally not the most visually pleasing place (i.e a little untidy during busy times!) we are extremely proud of the British factory’s we work with and the story they tell. We are very lucky to be able to offer a completely transparent view of the production chain and wanted to share some with you some of the little nuances of daily factory life and the fantastic workers that make the garments you wear and love.













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