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Know Your Merino

03.08.2017 1 min read

The majority of our knitwear is crafted from premium Merino wool which we source from Peru and Italy. this is then imported to our factory in Manchester where we spin the yarns ourselves ready to begin machine-knitting the jumpers. read our break-down of merino wool to understand why you should be investing in one of natures finest materials.

We love using natural fibres in our clothing and we use merino wool for a huge number of reasons…

Natural elasticity: It is extremely soft and also has a natural elasticity due to its exceptionally fine fibres meaning your knits hold their shape for longer (just don’t put them on a hanger as this can misshape the neck).

Breathable: It is classed as a ‘breathable’ fabric meaning that it can absorb moisture and wont leave you feeling clammy like some synthetic fabrics do after being caught in a down-pour.

Temperature regulating: Merino wool is a fibre often used in outdoor or sporting clothing as it reacts to the body’s temperature cooling you down or warming you up upon requirement.

Anti-wrinkle: If laid flat to dry, and properly cared for, at no point will you ever need to let an iron near your wooly jumper… definitely a plus.

Natural fibre: Merino wool comes from Merino Sheep who, each year, grow a new coat of wool making merino a natural fibre and also a renewable fabric. merino wool also decomposes in soil making it bio-degradable too.

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