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Regen Farming

Becoming the UK’s first regenerative knitwear brand, grown and made in the UK.

Why we’re supporting regenerative farming in the UK

British fibre farming is our history and our future. That’s why we’re championing the regenerative farming movement here in the UK.

We are already 100% British manufactured, so transitioning to British regeneratively farmed wool is the logical next step. This involves working with UK farms to develop resilient nature-friendly farming systems that restore biodiversity, combat climate change and protect the livelihoods of farmers.

While other brands are investing in regenerative agriculture overseas, we are 100% focused on restoring the landscapes and habitats in our own back garden. The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world and we are supporting the farmers that are working to turn this around.

What’s our long-term goal for the future?

We know change can’t happen overnight. It’s important to us that we are realistic about the pace of change within the UK farming community. There are many sheep farmers in the UK with complex systems involved at every stage.

As a result, we’ve committed to transitioning 100% of our British wool sourcing to regenerative farming methods by 2026. For our British Wool Knitwear in our AW22 collection, 20% came from a British transitional regenerative farm, and we aim to grow by 20% each year over the next 5 years.

How we're getting involved in regenerative farming

We strongly believe the transition to regenerative farming should be affordable and scalable nationwide. That’s why we’re working with Pasture for Life - an 800-strong community of British farmers built on many generations of knowledge.

Pasture for Life is a collection of seasoned graziers and expert grassland managers that believe in 100% pasture-fed farming. They use a combination of traditional farming techniques with modern methods (e.g. mob grazing, cover cropping) with a strong emphasis on animal welfare.

The Pasture for Life certification recognises that each farm is unique in land and climate and is farmer-centred (i.e. with standards structured in a way that realistically enables farmers to make an achievable transition towards more nature-friendly practices). 

We’re also working with SoilMentor - a pioneering new low-cost app that benchmarks soil health. Unlike other regenerative certification approaches, SoilMentor is accessible and affordable to farmers and puts them firmly in control of the steps they’re taking towards more nature-friendly farming.

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