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What Makes The Perfect Picnic?

03.07.2023 4 min read

With the glorious summer months stretching out in front of us, we have started to think about our summer plans and what we are looking forward to in the coming weeks and months. To us, nothing says summer quite like being in the great outdoors enjoying a variety of edible treats and hopefully basking in the summer sunshine…fingers crossed the British weather will allow it! Even then there is something to be said for enjoying the now, why not put up an umbrella or dance in the rain?

The brilliant thing about people is that we are all different and all have completely different interests and tastes. How boring would life be if we were all the same? This proves true for how we each like to have our picnics! The variety is endless.

You may be the type of picnicer that likes to walk all day, rummaging through waist high bracon, wading through rivers with your shoes looped over your shoulder and scrambling up rocky hillsides so you can enjoy your homemade sandwich at the very top of the mountain. And boy, have you earned it, a plain jam sandwich has never tasted so good.

You may be the type of picnicer who likes to dine in luxury, no matter where you are. Paper plates will not be allowed within 10 miles of these picnics. Blankets and pillows are crucial to a luxury picnic, our brand new 100% british wool blankets make the perfect layer to go underneath your Fortnum and Mason style hamper which I’m sure will include canapes and bubbles galore.

Or for the coast lovers out there, there is the beach picnic. These could involve hauling a cool box and camping chairs, or just a wetsuit and back pack over the dunes. Feeling salt crusted and sunkissed there is nothing quite like crunching on a sandy packet of crisps, watching the sun set over the ocean.

These are just some of the many varieties of a picnic. I didn’t even mention the lakeside excursions or the garden BBQs on a Friday evening after work. I could go on. There is however one thing that these all have in common, as glorious as the day may have been the temperature drops in the evening. But never fear, we have the answer.

Our range of Wool Blanket shirts are ideal to throw on for any picnic, and fortunately, we have one for everyone! They are practical without compromising on style. Our Blanket shirts are made from 100% British wool so are warm, durable, and biodegradable!

What do we here at peregrine consider to be the perfect picnic?

We believe that there are three main attributes to our Perfect Picnic. The first has to be good company. We don’t necessarily mean lots of people, this could be with a few friends or family, your trusty dog or even your own company, who doesn’t deserve a minute to breathe every now and again.

The second is comfort. Again we don’t mean that you have to bring the kitchen sink with you but good food, warm layers and something to sit on is essential.

The final and what we believe is the absolute most important is that you leave no trace. Wherever your perfect picnic is, it is important that we protect the ecosystems that live there.

In the hope to help your picnic’s ‘environmental footprint’ stay as small as possible, our new blankets and up-cycled blanket shirts are made from Abraham Moon Wool which is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. If you would like to read more about Abraham Moons Sustainable practices please follow the link here. We have worked hard to ensure that there is as little waste as possible when creating the blanket shirt. That is why our pattern fits perfectly inside one of the blankets. You can acquire both a blanket and a blanket shirt from our website for the highest quality sustainable picnic!

Overall I don’t think there is such a thing as a ‘Perfect Picnic’. I think each of us can have a perfect picnic in our own special way. Sitting outside; feeling well-fed, warm and smiling reminds us that it is the simple things in life that bring the most happiness and that we should be so grateful for the environment around us that we are lucky to be a part of and enjoy.

The Great British Summer: SS23 Inspiration

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