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The Aran Knit

08.04.2019 1 min read

With what started out as a practical piece of clothing for fishermen, the Aran jumper remains a practical and classic stable in our wardrobes.

The Aran jumper started out a fisherman’s jumper and as you may have guessed, got its name from the Aran Islands. Aran jumpers were traditionally made using unscoured wool that still contained the sheep’s natural oils (lanolin). These natural oils made the jumper resistant to water – the ideal garment for a fisherman!

Traditionally the jumpers are an off-white colour that has come straight from the sheep undyed. There is also an interesting history behind the different knitting patterns. Each knitting pattern has its own meaning.

Cable Stitch

The most popular and common knitting pattern is supposed to represent the fisherman’s rope and wearing it was mean to mean you would have a good day at sea.

Honeycomb Stitch

Signifying the bee – this pattern shows hard work and was a symbol of good luck

The Diamond Stitch

Signifying the fields of the Aran Islands and fishing nets.

Zig Zag Stitch

Represents the ups and downs of marriage and also the winding paths of the Aran Islands.

We love our aran knits here at peregrine but we’re not the only ones. Take a look at some of these icons wearing their very own aran knits

The Classic White Tee

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