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Exploring The Highlands In Peregrine

31.01.2017 4 min read

Just over two months ago, Keith contacted us through Instagram to introduce himself as a photographer, explorer and British clothing enthusiast. He placed a few orders with us and, upon receiving them, would send us stunning photos of him and his wife Jen exploring the most incredible landscapes wearing our Peregrine knits and jackets.

We love building relationships with our customers and seeing how and where the clothes you buy are worn. It would always brighten a Monday morning to see Keith’s photos that day roaming a desolate beach in his Simpson Jumper or sheltering from huge waterfalls in his All Terrain Jacket so we decided to ask him a few questions.

What do you love most about the Scottish highlands?

I was born in the Highlands but have lived and traveled overseas, the Highlands keep pulling me “home”.

The ever changing light, the ancient history, the highland people, the amazing seasonal colours, the varied and vast terrain. Mostof all I love the freedom! Scotland has fantastic “right to roam” laws which lets us utilize our landscape without restriction……as long as we respect our landscape and landowners requests!

How did you get into photography?

As a child (before digital photography) I used to always play around with an old film camera…you’d shoot a roll of film, wait a week to get them developed and find out most of them were rubbish! Then digital cameras came out and I went traveling and spent a lot of time doing underwater photography which really ignited my passion. Now with Instagram the quality of photography and photographers is amazing and truly inspiring which again has spurned me to capture more great images.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Spending more time exploring the Highlands with my Family and capturing the moments!

How did you hear of Peregrine?

I spotted the brand on Instagram and thought.. that’s cool…then checked out google to find nothing but British goodness and cool quality Product!

What makes buying British Clothing so special?

Having spent lots of money on expensive clothing only to find out that they are made in the far east and fall to bits pretty quickly and made with low quality fabric, I decided that I wanted Quality Clothing made locally and supporting a UK workforce.

The quality of the clothing and fabric is AMAZING…as soon as you take it out of the packaging you can feel and see the quality. It’s just a pleasure to wear and looks fantastic.

It’s even more satisfying that its keeping money and jobs in the UK and supporting a family business that’s generations old and steeped with history! Even the Millerain Cotton Material for the Jacket comes from the UK and again the company is generations old. With Brexit and wild currency fluctuation, buying British is the way to go both for quality and proper value! Just do it.

A big thank you to Keith and family for representing the brand so well – have a little scroll to see the pictures!

Keith wears the All Terrain Jacket in Navy (above) and the Simpson Jumper in Navy (below)

Jen wears the Funnel Neck Jumper in Orange

Peregrine Spring Capsule – Menswear

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