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Crafted Chronicles

18.10.2018 2 min read

We are over the moon to introduce to your our newest collaborators, Crafted Chronicles. Presenting a limited-run collection of home ware, gifts and tech accessories that features eight exciting products all crafted by hand by Peter and his fiance Esther. These products are now available to shop as online exclusives in our Men’s and Ladies accessories categories.

Peter has always been a maker of things, developing and refining his love for crafting through the years by exploring different avenues to bring, as he puts it, ‘a bit of tangible excellence and beauty into others stories and lives’.

The Crafted products are just that; Excellent and beautiful, true works of art made from strong and pliable vegetable tanned leather, brushed antique brass and John Hanley Woolen tweed. The premium raw materials are shaped into minimal but highly functional items that make the perfect tools to approach every day 21st century life. Peter has one eye on past traditions, studying things like book binding and carpentry and one eye on the tech trends of the future like the transition to cashless living.

Assisted in production by his talented, steady-handed partner Esther (who also models our womenswear collection) we couldn’t wait to work with the duo and present some carefully designed join-label products that tie in seamlessly with the story and fabrics of our own AW18 collection.

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