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Blog 01

A blog for all our projects, inspiration and social happenings connected with Peregrine Clothing. Heritage knitwear and jackets made in the UK


The Christmas Jumper

Peregrine Clothing

There’s a chill in the air, the nights have drawn in and (dare we say it) Christmas is just around the corner. This is the perfect season for knitwear, so why does the phrase ‘Christmas jumper’ provoke such trepidation?

Contrary to popular opinion, Christmas jumpers don’t have to be gaudy and unsustainable. They can be stylish and loved all year round!

Based on a traditional Scandinavian pattern, our Larsen Crew neck is the perfect subdued alternative. The Larsen is crafted from Merino Wool and made in England. This jumper is durable, temperature regulating and made from pure natural fibres. Perfect for those chilly winter evenings.

Women who Roast

Peregrine Clothing

ash 4.jpg
Ash 1.jpg
ash 6.jpg

WOMEN WHO ROAST - an interview with Ash, head of coffee at our local roasting success story Extract Coffee


What is your favourite coffee to start the day on?

I like a filter coffee first thing, something with punch and a fruit note. Right now either the Colombian Veracruz or Mutungati AB from Kenya.

How and when do you best like it served?

First thing is usually a V60 and I always wait until I get to work where the water is filtered, and the grinder is better than the one at home!

A good coffee means different things to different people and can carry the weight of a billion emotive connotations. What does it mean to you?

A good coffee for me is always out. I like someone else to make and serve it. I can fall into the trap of getting overly analytical about coffee at work. So on a day off, at a great cafe, you can’t beat a coffee you didn’t make yourself!

We read that Extract is a family business and began in a garden in Bristol -  can you tell us what catalyzed the company into existence?

The company began as a coffee cart, and the coffee was roasted in a garage in fishponds (Bristol)! Dreams were to create a roastery/cafe, inspired by New Zealand coffee culture, serving and selling exceptional and accessible coffee. As business progressed, the roasting and machine restoration ultimately became our focus to make the business what it is today.

What is your sourcing procedure for the beans and where do you travel to source them?

Our sourcing procedure has always been to receive green (raw) coffee samples, test roast them ourselves and select coffees to be imported for us. However, recently we have begun travelling to the farms directly, tasting coffees at point of origin, and building long-term relationships with those farmers. We now regularly travel to Peru and Colombia, and have visited El Salvador, Panama & Kenya too.  

There are alot of new independent roasters on the scene in the UK at the moment, what does it take to become an esteemed roaster and gain the respect of the industry?

Find your niche. Find out what you do that makes you better. For us that is not just great coffee, its taking vintage roasters and rebuilding them ourselves. We also offer barista training, machine supply, support and engineering. All these things ultimately help make the coffee better.

(building community around coffee, customer relationships)

Can you give an overview of what makes your coffee ethically responsible?

Building long standing relationships with our farms ensures stable income for farmers, workers and their families. It has also lead us to working on new projects, for example at Marianela in Colombia they are now naturally processing some smaller lots for us, for which we pay a premium for the more unusual flavour profiles and the inherent risks of this method of processing.

You have quite a few women on board in your team (at least compared to industry statistics). One could assume that the culture and work environment surrounding coffee has, in the past, been a bit of a ‘boys club’(in roasting). Is this already changing and do you think you will continue to see more women working with coffee at production level?

Yes. We are currently a 30% female workforce, although only two of us work in the production team. I think because it is a fairly intense manual job it isn’t a job that women naturally gravitate to. Though this is changing, and so it should. Unfortunately, like many industries, there are many women involved in lower paid parts of the sector. Many women work as cherry pickers and at sorting mills, particularly in East Africa. And closer to home, you also find more women working in cafes than you do in management or further up the supply chain. We are working to improve visibility of women in our business in a hope to help change perceptions. And maybe one day we will see full equality across the industry.

Alot of the equipment you roast on has been stripped down, built back up, re-assembled and modified...would you describe your coffee roasters as Extract’s vintage heirlooms or your roasters of the future?

I want to say both! We have heavily modified many of our roasters, and yet they still retain the old fashioned parts that made them great. We think it is important to upcycle and restore what is available to us, and this was even truer when we were a very small start up, and still encompasses our style and ethos now. We are extremely happy with the approach we take to roasting. It is still very much a hands on process here, and all of our tweaks and developments are decided on the cupping table - where we’re meticulously test and taste each batch to insure the best possible product goes out the door.

I imagine that you travel a fair bit when sourcing the best beans for your brew, what is your favourite place to travel to?

So far I have only been to Colombia - so that’s definitely my favourite - and it was really great! As head of coffee - don’t tend to leave the roastery

What are you looking forward to the most over the next year?

London site? Building our community. Callum competing UKBC.

Crafted Chronicles

Peregrine Clothing

We are over the moon to introduce to your our newest collaborators, Crafted Chronicles. Presenting a limited-run collection of home ware, gifts and tech accessories that features eight exciting products all crafted by hand by Peter and his fiance Esther. These products are now available to shop as online exclusives in our Men’s and Ladies accessories categories.

Peter has always been a maker of things, developing and refining his love for crafting through the years by exploring different avenues to bring, as he puts it, ‘a bit of tangible excellence and beauty into others stories and lives’.

The Crafted products are just that; Excellent and beautiful, true works of art made from strong and pliable vegetable tanned leather, brushed antique brass and John Hanley Woolen tweed. The premium raw materials are shaped into minimal but highly functional items that make the perfect tools to approach every day 21st century life. Peter has one eye on past traditions, studying things like book binding and carpentry and one eye on the tech trends of the future like the transition to cashless living.

Assisted in production by his talented, steady-handed partner Esther (who also models our womenswear collection) we couldn’t wait to work with the duo and present some carefully designed join-label products that tie in seamlessly with the story and fabrics of our own AW18 collection.


Peter wears the Funky Jumper in Charcoal from our Mens AW18 collection. The tweed shoulder patches are the same fabric as the panel on the cushion from our joint-label collaboration.


Esther wears the Sophie Buckle Neck in Navy


Peter wears the Hilton Wool Overshirt in Grey and Esther the Cromwell Wool Coat in Grey

Peregrine x BFW

Peregrine Clothing

As part of our marketing strategy when it comes to presenting the newest Peregrine collections, we love to get other British manufacturers on board to celebrate their craftsmanship and really tell a story of heritage and integrity from head to toe. Collaboration and creativity are some of the best way to strengthen the slow but certain resurgence of the British manufacturing industry and to really celebrate it’s potential. We teamed up with the talent behind Banton Frameworks to bring you two interchangeable looks styling our AW18 collection with their beautiful acetate specs.

Photo 30-08-2018, 17 06 11.jpg
Photo 30-08-2018, 11 47 25 (1).jpg

We styled one of our newest and sleekest Ladies jackets, the Carlyle Mac with our Mens Benson Sweatshirt and the BFW Profile Sunglasses in Tortoise-shell

Banton Frameworks is the post-grad brain child of co-founders Jamie and Lucy who decided to go against the grain and set up workshop in an era of digital, outsourcing and mass-production.

In the past there were many but now, truly British eye wear brands are few and far between. Most brands will engage you with phrases like ‘bespoke’ and ‘handmade’ and maybe ‘British design’ but a scarce few can really say they were made here in Britain (also by hand we must add) the way Banton Frameworks can. A sentiment that also resonates with us here at Peregrine.


BFW’s designs are versatile with a focus on structure and silhouette and are not categorized by things like price point or style but simply fall into either ‘Optical’ or ‘Sun’. We opted for the Profile Sunglasses which, upon arrival were weighty (but not too much so) and had a stunning matte finish like brushed satin as well as robust stainless steel arms. The frames are crafted from italian acetate and they arrive in a dramatic looking rubberized hard-case sealed with an industrial looking giant black elastic band - further evidence that no details are spared giving the product a real experiential element.


We styled our Mens Quilted bomber and Funky Jumper in Charcoal with the BW Profile Sunglasses in Grey Ghost

To shop the shades featured in our shoot click the links above!

The Silver Lining..

Peregrine Clothing

Many of us let out a sigh of relief over the weekend as the national heat-wave let up for a few brooding days of rain and temperatures dropped closer to the 10's than the 30's. A reminder that our Summer, lightweight jackets are still required (albeit they made need some dusting off from the dark depths in which they have been stowed).

Furthermore, on this drizzling Monday afternoon, it does give us an excuse to draw your attention to our Spring menswear capsule and more specifically the printed jersey linings we have designed to give you something a little lighter, simpler and cleaner this summer. 

Following the same narrative as our printed tees, the jackets use 185 gram premium cotton, screen-printed here in the U.K with designs reminiscent of the traditional cabling patterns we have built our foundations on as a knitwear manufacturer. A minimal, reductionist graphic that translates into a bold piece of artwork, playfully tucked away on the inside of your jacket.

The decorative linings, combined with detailing like our colour-pop zips and our heritage labels that tell a synopsis of the brands turbulent and humble beginnings, create jackets that become talking points from the inside out. Choose between the Bexley, Baxter and Walton - now available with 30% off in our Summer sale. 

Photo 04-05-2018, 11 58 17 (2).jpg
Photo 19-06-2018, 15 23 40.jpg