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Blog 01

A blog for all our projects, inspiration and social happenings connected with Peregrine Clothing. Heritage knitwear and jackets made in the UK


Styling the Aran {@denim_collective}

Peregrine Clothing

Guest post from Timothy Roberts: Engineer, Ice Hockey enthusiast and Content Creator for @Denim_Collective

2017-09-27 11.26.12 1.jpg
2017-10-20 10.04.48 2.jpg

My name is tim (denim_collective) i am a 25 year old engineer for toyota who up untill 6 months ago served in the royal air force as an aircraft engineer.

Im a big fan of heritage clothing and supporting small U.K companies in any way that I can and I try to implement that into my style as much as I can. One of the things I love in life is Ice Hockey; I'm a Winnipeg jets fan and were not having a great start to the season but that'll slowly pick up I'm sure!

2017-10-22 12.06.37 1.jpg

Another passion of mine is motorbikes and working on them. I'm only on a cbt but I am in the process of customizing my bike to make it as unique as I can. Working with my hands is my bread and butter, Its all I have known since leaving school at the age of 16 and its what I'll continue to do until I can no longer work.

2017-10-22 12.06.38 2.jpg

My first thought on the aran jumper was 'wow!' I was really surprised  (in a good way) with the speckles of colour in the jumper, it just makes it that bit more special and the quality of the wool is superb! I love how it's from UK suppliers so its ticks all the right boxes in my eyes. 

If anyone was too listen to my styling tips I would say that you could wear knitwear in any arrangement  whether it be down the pub with the 'lads' or even in a more formal environment knitwear is still very classy in my eyes but also has that rugged edge so it really is a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe

DSC00294 (1).JPG

And finally this took me a while to come up with something buy my winter style in 3 words would be: 

Layers are good

Gotta keep warm, I know the UK is never truly cold but let's be honest we all love putting on layers at this time of the year !