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A blog for all our projects, inspiration and social happenings connected with Peregrine Clothing. Heritage knitwear and jackets made in the UK


Fieldview, Wiltshire

Peregrine Clothing


What a whirlwind the last weekend has been, joyfully spent at none other than the sustainable, non-profit festival on our door-step; Fieldview in Wiltshire. We bathed in the sounds of an eclectic and carefully selected array of artists, whilst covering ourselves in ample smatterings of glitter and gorging on the exciting flavors of festival street-food ( favorite option being the giant spring rolls the size of my forearm) 


Established and run by a team of creatives and volunteers, the festival has a peaceful, rural feel as it strives to emulate local surroundings, pulling neighboring businesses into the same space as an adventurous mix of international musicians and performers. The resulting impression is that you are part of an intimate, community celebration but that there is every chance that you are witnessing artists on the verge of stardom. An exhilarating combination to say the least. Our favorite act was the lyrically witty singer / story-teller 'Gecko' (you can find him on Spotify) who's satirical dittys and dry comedic interludes had us laughing till we had stomach ache.

The short distance between our tent, the main stage, the village stage, the workshops, the festival-gear shops, the food, the bars - means you don't ever walk for more than a couple of minutes and we were definitely reminded that this is why small festivals win every time. That, and the fact that by Sunday you have already bumped into all the same faces all weekend and you can wake up feeling like a big hungover family all dreading work the following morning (sorry Tom!).


Would we go back? 110%, at the refreshingly cheap price of £75 for a Fri-Sun ticket (of which all profits go to charity*) it is a no-brainer, plus the food and drink isn't very dear either. Would we test-run setting up our tent next year and bring a two-man not the one-man... also a resounding yes.

Unfortunately 2019 Fieldview is a no-go as the tireless team behind the event need a break and costs as well as paperwork volume is only increasing making the end donations smaller as a result. If you do spot the festival back in full swing in the years to come then get a ticket as early as you can, know that the profits from your purchase are going to be put to some really good causes and then start planning your festi costumes!

Fingers crossed for the future of FV Festival from everyone at Peregrine as we would love to come back and make some more amazing memories with you.

For more information on Fieldview click below


*What do they do with the profits?
Fieldview have raised money for: Water Aid, Cool Earth, a new hydrotherapy pool in Chippenham, Jamie’s Farm, the Local Church, Youth Cancer Trust (to name a few) at a total of £28,343.00. (January 2017)