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A blog for all our projects, inspiration and social happenings connected with Peregrine Clothing. Heritage knitwear and jackets made in the UK


Peregrine Project

Peregrine Clothing

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The Spring Summer 2018 collection has been labelled 'Peregrine Project'. An ongoing project sourcing new materials and products all manufactured within the U.K to compliment the knitwear and jackets we have been manufacturing in our own factory since 1796. 

The British Textile industry is becoming more of a challenge each year with only a few people left in the U.K doing what we do. Therefore this season, we have been looking to support and work with small British factories that can made the products we can't. Introducing T-shirts and sweatshirts for the first time, complementing our existing range of clothing without compromising our company standards or values.

The bold retro graphic prints have taken inspiration from the classic chevron and cable knit patterns which appear in the knitwear. The introduction of T-shirts has been used to updated a classic Peregrine design, with the cotton jersey fabric used to line the jacket, giving it a soft handle as well as enabling us to make every design unique

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