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A blog for all our projects, inspiration and social happenings connected with Peregrine Clothing. Heritage knitwear and jackets made in the UK


To The Moon {For Cocktails}

Peregrine Clothing

We recently had the great pleasure of dropping in on Gemma and Chris in their beautiful bar / shop To The Moon. The bar is tucked just out of reach of the main high-street in Old-Market, Bristol and has now been open for just over a year! 

I wanted to photograph their cocktail menu; A compact but versatile selection of their own tried and tested adaptations, each drink with carefully chosen quality spirits at it's core.

Mai Tai

The first drink Chris made for us was the Mai Tai. A colourful Polynesian classic made with Brugal rum and finished with Maraschino cherries which felt very fifties-esque shot against the rich leafy interior. We were shooting in their extended seating area which is slightly separated from the rest of the bar and has a glass roof, perfect to let a ton of beautiful natural light in and very cosy with the rain beating down over-head.

The Mai Tai is sweet tasting but with a crispness and is most definitely a summer drink. Interestingly, the Brugal rum used which comes from the Dominican Republic has a net-covered bottle, this is to give you more grip when handling the bottle particularly if you are in a hot country.


Black Magic Russian

Most definitely my favourite beverage from the menu. I love anything coffee based and this was no exception. We wanted to hone in on the making of this one as there is something very very satisfying about liqueurs and milk being marbled over ice. Like everything in To The Moon, the rounded tumblers and adorable milk jugs were also visually pleasing!

The Black Magic Russian is dangerously smooth but also has a warm, spiced aroma courtesy of the Black Magic rum which also gives this cocktail its name. 


Honey Moon

Lastly we shot and sampled one of the house classics; Honey Moon, which Gemma made for us. With the most beautiful warm, gold hue and a rich, almost botanical taste the Honey Moon felt like a very unique and adventurous cocktail and one that sets To The Moon apart from other cocktail vendors. 

Featuring a carefully selected blend of rums and a home-made honey syrup served from a cracked-glass bottle this is definitely not one to be missed if you are stopping by. 


If you are wondering where to go tonight - To The Moon will sweep you away with their brilliant concoctions, their dazzling rum assortment and rich, leafy interior. Thanks for having us Gemma and Chris!

ttm 17.jpg