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Blog 01

A blog for all our projects, inspiration and social happenings connected with Peregrine Clothing. Heritage knitwear and jackets made in the UK


The Classic White Tee

Peregrine Clothing

The plainest and simplest of clothing, a t-shirt is a blank canvas upon which you can paint whatever image of yourself you wish. It’s unpretentious, unassuming and underrated. To celebrate this Peregrine favourite, we turn to four of our favourite style icons who wore the crew neck better than anyone.

navy white tee.jpg

Ever wondered how the t-shirt first came about? The t-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century by cutting one-piece underwear into separate top and bottom garments.  Later on it was coined the name “t-shirt” due to the shape.  The beginning of the t-shirt can really be credited to the U.S. Navy.  The U.S. Navy issued crew-necked, short-sleeved, white cotton undershirts around 1913.  Much like the aviator sunglasses and the leather bomber jacket, it wasn’t long before legions of young men were adopting the style as a symbol of strength, masculinity and just the right amount of rebellion.


Marlon Brando

It was Marlon Brando who really took the t-shirt from workwear of the military to the mainstream market when he appeared in his white crew neck in A Streetcar Named Desire 1951, prompting t-shirt sales to hit a total of $180 million in the U.S that year. How to wear one like Brando? Make sure your sleeves are slightly too short and your trouser waist is just high enough – cigarettes and six-pack optional.

james dean white tee 2.png

James Dean

We couldn’t write a blog about the classic white tee without mentioning James Dean now, could we?! The undisputed face of teenage rebellion. Dean wore his with Levi’s 501 denim, featuring a straight leg cut and a high rise, as well as tough leather boots with minimal detailing.


Steve Mcqueen

The classic King of Cool, Steve Mcqueen, donned it both on and off our screens. Never has someone made a white t-shirt, black jeans and desert boots look so effortlessly smooth as McQueen. Steve's dressing could be described as a no-nonsense style that is easy to replicate but hard to master. A combination of rugged, well-worn pieces, superb fit and an attitude you can’t buy were the key ingredients to his secret recipe.


Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth manages to prove that no matter the era, you can’t go wrong with a white tee and dark jeans for that classic American workwear vibe. The t-shirt has definitely stood the test of time and continues to look effortlessly cool.

Shop the look - Classic Cotton MIE Tee - Made in England

Classic Cotton MIE Tee (White)

The men’s classic MIE T-shirt is made from 100% luxury 185g cotton and is proudly produced here in England. The very starting point for our Made in the UK jersey-wear collection because everyone needs the perfect plain tee. The classic tee is available in White, Lt Grey and Navy.

The Weather Report - April

Peregrine Clothing

April Showers


We are half way through April, which means good weather should finally be on the way! However, as we all know, April is known for its frequent downpours. Not to mention the fact spring seems to be taking its time to even arrive this year, with many of us even seeing snow fall over the weekend.

Enter our top 4 jackets for spring and all that the weather may bring -

  1. The Carlyle Shell Jacket

Crafted using British Millerain Wax Cotton this shell jacket is as waterproof as it is vibrant. Brand new in our Spring 2019 collection, the Marine Blue adds a pop of colour to brighten up your spring wardrobe. This lightweight jacket will have you covered in the heaviest of April showers.

2. The Oversized Cagoule


The oversized Cagoule has a very on-trend, androgynous shape with its oversized silhouette, sporty half zip detail and press-stud cuffed sleeves. The jacket is crafted from Templemoyle Flora Carbon cotton which consists of a layer of waterproof wax sandwiched between two layers of woven cotton giving the jacket a dry, canvassy feel. The hood is lined with brushed cotton and the pockets, situated perfectly on the hip are roomy and stylish.

3. The Carlyle Mac

The Carlyle is a hooded mac designed from 100% Millerain Carlyle fabric which bonds a waterproof wax between two layers of cotton. Practical and durable, this jacket features a deep hood, bonded seams for additional weather-proofing and press stud closures.

4. The Henbury

A button-up, ladies wax jacket with piped internal seams. A lightweight Spring/Summer piece with a sewn in hood, fully functional pockets and drawstring. A shirt inspired jacket with a shaped hem and shirt-style, adjustable cuffs. Perfect for the typical English summer, come rain or shine.

The Aran Knit

Peregrine Clothing

With what started out of practical piece of clothing for fishermen, the Aran jumper remains a practical and classic stable in our wardrobes.

The Aran jumper started out a fisherman’s jumper and as you may have guessed, got its name from the Aran Islands. Aran jumpers were traditionally made using unscoured wool that still contained the sheep’s natural oils (lanolin). These natural oils made the jumper resistant to water - the ideal garment for a fisherman!

Traditionally the jumpers are an off-white colour that has come straight from the sheep undyed. There is also an interesting history behind the different knitting patterns. Each knitting pattern has its own meaning.

  • Cable Stitch

The most popular and common knitting pattern is suppose to represent the fisherman's rope and wearing it was mean to mean you would have a good day at sea.

  • Honeycomb Stitch

Signifying the bee - this pattern shows hard work and was a symbol of good luck

  • The Diamond Stitch

Signifying the fields of the Aran Islands and fishing nets.

  • Zig Zag Stitch

Represents the ups and downs of marriage and also the winding paths of the Aran Islands.

We love our Aran knits here at Peregrine but we’re not the only ones. Take a look at some of these icons wearing their very own Aran knits

(Above)Steve McQueen on the set of Thomas Crown Affair (1968) wearing a classic Aran knit jumper paired effortlessly with his signature sunglasses.  (Below) (left) Elvis Presley performing Jailhouse Rock (1957) (right) John Lennon on holiday in Scotland (1969)

(Above)Steve McQueen on the set of Thomas Crown Affair (1968) wearing a classic Aran knit jumper paired effortlessly with his signature sunglasses.

(Below) (left) Elvis Presley performing Jailhouse Rock (1957) (right) John Lennon on holiday in Scotland (1969)

The Peregrine Aran

One of our best selling garments, our 5gge men's Aran knit in 100% British wool and 100% made in the UK. The chunky yet stylish jumper is a classic style that has been revived using a textured yarn and neat cable detailing that is reminiscent of the Irish Fisherman jumper. This robust knit will see you through the lowest temperatures as you continue to look great. We make them in batches of only 200 pieces so get this special Aran knit while you can. Available in three colour ways - Skiddaw, Cinnamon and Khaki.

People of Peregrine vol.1 - Women in Farming with Laura Hodgkins

Peregrine Clothing

Laura wears the Oversized Slouch Jumper in Ivory

Laura wears the Oversized Slouch Jumper in Ivory

We caught up with Laura from @girlaboutthefarm to find out more about women in the farming industry.

What made you decide to give up your career in marketing to take on a farm. Was it a difficult decision to choose this life for yourself?

I had been working in marketing for just under 10 years and I loved it, but I was leading a sort of double life at times due to working in the day and then coming home to Andy's family farm (my now husband) in the evening to feed our pet pigs, take the dogs for a walk and help out with the sheep and cows! Most weekends were spent helping Andy on his parents farm and I loved it so much! At lambing I would book time off my full time job to help and when we saw this long term tenancy on The Cowdray Estate was up for tender I made the decision, that if we were successful that I would make the leap into full time farming alongside Andy! It was too good an opportunity for us not too!

What do you notice about being a woman in agriculture that’s different from your male counterparts?

This a tough one. Women have been farming alongside men for years gone by and they have played a vital role in farmlife. I'm lucky to have come into farming where there are more and more young females going into farming in their own right and not because of their families heritage. I think thats great, as, like in every industry, we need an equal balance as every individual brings new ideas to the table.

Laura wears the Cassey in Mole

Laura wears the Cassey in Mole

Do you think there’s more that could be done to encourage women to consider farming as a profession?

Yes, it saddens me to think that I would have never got into farming if it weren't for Andy, as actually, farming as a practical career really suits my skills. It wasn't an option that was ever presented to me at school - it was a career that you did if your family were farmers. I think more needs to be done to promote farming as being a really great career choice - no matter your background or what sex you are.

You’re very active on social media. What made you decide to incorporate social media into promoting your operation and telling the story of being a farmer?

It just sort of evolved really, I started my blog as a way of documenting what I was up to on a daily basis for my friends and family to read, as they didn't really have a clue - and why would they?! Then people started engaging and I realised that people loved to see what we were up to on a daily basis, whether it be moving large mobs of sheep up on the hill with the dogs - or feeding the cows. Social media became a way that I could easily share what we were doing each day and then just became second nature.

Laura wears the Oversized Slouch in Ivory, a matching Aran bobble beanie and the Heather Jacket in Slate

Laura wears the Oversized Slouch in Ivory, a matching Aran bobble beanie and the Heather Jacket in Slate

Do you have any advice for young women contemplating a career in agriculture?

I would say, get out there and get experience - I can guarantee that most local farmers will always be looking for some help/someone to take on for work experience. Keep your enthusiasm and determination because it will pay off! Some of the best farmers I have met are first generation farmers, namely my in laws actually who started the sheep business from scratch - my mother in law worked in a bank back in the day - and during lambing, there is no one I would rather take advice from! She's the best in her field (excuse the pun!).

You have recently announced your pregnancy on social media - congratulations! Will you encourage your child to follow in your footsteps?

Thank you, we are thrilled! A farm is just the best place for a child to grow up around - and I'm so excited to raise our children in the countryside! We're happy for our children to make their own minds up! I wouldn't care if they wanted nothing to do with the farm, but if they did, then that would be lovely too! Every farmers son or daughter I've met talks so fondly about growing up on the farm - and most of them still have involvement in their family farms now to this day - even if not full time!

A huge thank you to Laura for catching up with us and giving such a great insight into the farming industry. Make sure to check out her blog - Girl about the farm and Instagram @girlabouthefarm for more brilliant photos and stories from the farm.

Photos by the talented Kerry Jordan (@fur_and_fables)

Written by Jasmine

Escape to the Highlands

Peregrine Clothing

Go somewhere new with your favourite people, pack your bags and lose your signal! Crags and lochs, windswept mountains and deep-rooted tradition.

The region is home to many of the symbols that represent Scotland. The kilt was first worn by those who protected this land. Its music is similar to that of Ireland, but has a voice that is distinctive for those who are masters of the bagpipes. Formations that are both rugged and serene, the Scottish Highland’s beauty is one that should be experienced first hand. So you've got in the car, chosen a road trip playlist - where do you visit first?

1. Glencoe

2019-02-25 02.40.23 1.jpg

So much myth, legend and history precedes a visit to the expanse of Glencoe and Loch Leven, that many visitors are unprepared for the sheer beauty and breath-taking serenity of this vast sweeping pass. Enjoy a leisurely stroll round the Lochan Trail on a summer evening or walk to the Signal Rock – where the signal to attack was given for the Massacre of 1692. Go for a ramble to the Hidden Valley, where rustlers of old used to hide their spoil.

2. Steall Waterfall and The Nevis Gorge


One of the best short walks in Scotland, this route heads through the dramatic and beautiful Nevis Gorge and leads to the awesome Steall Falls. Situated in Glen Nevis near Fort William. It is Scotland's second highest waterfall with a single drop of 120 metres.

3. Loch Nevis


The southern border of Knoydart is an area often called Britain’s last wilderness. It can only be reached by boat or by a long walk as there are no roads into the peninsula. Nevis means “heaven” in Gaelic and there are days when this seems truly fitting in this wild corner of the world.

What to wear

IMG_4321 (1).jpeg

You’'ll fit in with the rugged moorland wearing a textured jumper - Wool is one of the most resilient fibres, with a natural breathability, anti bacterial properties and a natural water resistance - which makes it the perfect choice for exploring the natural environment. Did we mention its super cosy?

Where is your favourite place to get away for the weekend? Share with us using the hashtag #myperegrine