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A blog for all our projects, inspiration and social happenings connected with Peregrine Clothing. Heritage knitwear and jackets made in the UK


Oxblood for the bold

Peregrine Clothing

The Marmite of the Bexley range is our Oxblood variation. A deep, ominous, purple-red with a bold black collar. Some of our retailers can't get enough of it and some won't go near it; it is the jacket that has polarised our customers more than any garment in the past. Crafted from 100% Millerain waxed cotton, the Bexley is completely weather-proof making it a great bit of outdoor gear for braving the elements. 

The colour derives from a time when Ox blood was used as a pigment to dye fabric, leather and paint. The blood would change from a bright red to a darker hue as it oxidised and then to a deep purple-brown with further aging. Thankfully,  no Ox's are harmed during the dying of our fabrics but it still takes a bold man to work an Oxblood jacket. 

Images c/o Steven Stone, a Bristol based model who we have used for our SS18 campaign - @stevenjistone

Peregrine x T.A.N.L.P

Peregrine Clothing

We teamed up with the creative forces behind Sheffield-based Lifestyle Blog: The All Night Listening Post to style some of our contemporary outer-wear and tell us more about their blog and how they are inspired by the city around them...

Arran wears the Mens Cactus Bush Jacket - Shop Here

Fern wears the Ladies Clipsham Jacket in Gunmetal - Shop Here

How old is T.A.N.L.P and how did it begin?

The blog has been going just over two years now, it has really grown over the last six months mainly due to some of the collaborations we've done. As it's started to pick up pace we've both started working on it together, our skills complement each other quite well and there's no way one person could do it in their own. 

What does the name mean?

The All Night Listening Post is an eclectic collection of articles, essays and images from which to draw inspiration. In other words, the goal of the blog is to collate and share some of the most interesting content on the web as well as to produce interesting original content in the form of images and essays.

A listening post is traditionally a facility established to monitor radio signals and analyse their content in order to secure information and intelligence. As technology has advanced, listening posts have evolved but they still perform the same basic function, recording and relaying information of interest to their controllers. 

Listening posts operate 24/7 but often come alive at night, when clandestine operations commence and covert messages are transmitted. That's kind of how we work, hence, The All Night Listening Post. 

What inspires you about the city around you?

Mainly the history of the city and the way it's found itself again. It's changed a lot over the last twenty years but it's still undoubtedly Sheffield with its imposing modernist architecture and northern charm.

Sheffield is a city of makers, it always has been. Renowned the world over for its quality and capability, the city was once home to a thriving steel industry that was envy of the globe. In the latter part of the 20th century, cheaper steel from India and the Far East put paid to Sheffield's manufacturing prowess, foundries and steel mills closed as traditional businesses struggled to compete. Soon, all that was left of the once booming industry was a shrinking network of independent makers, known as little mesters, turning out small-batch pocket knives and bespoke fabrications in traditional workshops spread across the city. 

And yet, after decades of post industrial decline, the Steel city is having a bit of a revival. A new collective of brave new makers are embracing the city's long held tradition of craftsmanship and showing what's possible with hard work and a little bit of Sheffield grit.  On the back of this resurgence, a thriving creative community has developed and independent coffee shop and bars and starting to take over the city again. While it's very much a city in transition, it hasn't forgotten it's roots and it's proud of what it was and hopeful about what it can be. 

What did you think of your new Peregrine Jackets?

We were very impressed. The quality and attention to detail is unquestionable. We're big fans of well made, honest goods with a story behind them so Peregrine is a natural fit for us. It might sound strange but we're both hoping for a rainy day to test them out properly!

Factory Photo-diary

Peregrine Clothing

It is of highest importance to us that you have the ability to see how a Peregrine jumper or jacket is designed and made. We visit the factory once a week, often to make adjustments to new samples or to collect a batch of finished products and just check in with the team. 

British manufacturing is often glamorised and portrayed to still be exactly as it was in the golden age or hay-days of the British textile industry. Alot of things have changed since then for worse and for better. We now have updated and more efficient machinery so that we can always ensure the highest level of quality as well as technical advancements that mean we can produce even more exciting and contemporary knit patterns.

Although a factory is generally not the most visually pleasing place (i.e a little untidy during busy times!) we are extremely proud of the British factory's we work with and the story they tell. We are very lucky to be able to offer a completely transparent view of the production chain and wanted to share some with you some of the little nuances of daily factory life and the fantastic workers that make the garments you wear and love.

Tate Modern Photo Diary

Peregrine Clothing

With some of the team at Pitti Uomo in Florence, some just back from a trip to Venice and some on a short stay in East London, next week we will definitely have lots to catch up on! Below is a visual diary documenting an early-rise excursion to the Tate Modern gallery.

We enjoyed a quite coffee with a view just below the observation deck and then hurried round taking in as much of the eclectic mix of exhibits as possible before our midday train.

If you are familiar with the Tate Modern, you will already know that the building housing the art-work is a spectacle in itself, particularly in the early hours of morning with no-one else around and sunlight streaming in. It definitely had the potential to inspire future look-book or lifestyle shoot settings.

The day before we explored Whitechapel and next door the reputable Brick Lane, home of one of our favourite menswear shoes: Jacket Required. Brick Lane and the surrounding area is also home to some of the most stylish and well-curated independent shops that London has to offer, keep scrolling for more of our trip.


Layering with @CraftedParis

Peregrine Clothing

Clement is a Brittany born but Paris based fashion blogger with a penchant for traditional work-wear. Clement researches the brands he wears in a great deal of depth so that he can really understand the heritage behind the garments.

With a hefty social following and a keen eye for exceptional layering we think that Clement has big things ahead of him and we were excited to collaborate with him on an interview and outfit post.

How long have you lived in Paris?

I have been in Paris for more than 3 years after leaving my native region by the sea: Brittany in the west of France.

How do you feel about the French approach to styling / dressing?

I do not think French brands are very creative in the last few seasons, in my opinion. We see the same styles, the French often put on basics and work-wear is a niche market, unlike other countries. I prefer to approach the Japanese in general.

You use alot of layering in your outfits, do you have any tips / guidelines on how to layer well?

Yes I like to be able to mix the inspirations, materials, colors to create something more accomplished. There are no rules, it is only necessary that the rendering is cool and consistent with the whole of the outfit. I love to wear things over denim jacket because it is a piece to "upgrade".

Tell us about how you first become interested in traditional work-wear cuts and styles?

My grandfather was a farmer and I inherited some of his clothes whose hunting jacket is the trigger I think;) I really like to return to the roots of garments, What they convey in the past, ... it is primarily a state of mind, a return to true values.

How do you choose what to wear in the mornings?

There are days when I am more inspired than others ... it all depends on my mood and the weather. I have some "emergency" outfits in case I do not know what to wear.

Clement wears the Cobble Cardigan in Bark - Shop Here